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We are...

We are a music publishing and rights management company.


We represent composers and publishers from around the world, with a specialist focus on the collection of public performance and mechanical royalties generated from TV commercials and programming in the UK.

With over 15 years of experience, we are experts in tracking and recovering royalties, and we are committed to making sure our clients get paid when their music is used.

We maintain a manageable roster of clients, which allows us to go the extra mile and provide a more comprehensive and consistent service than some of the bigger publishers.

Using the latest in music recognition software, we register and monitor the tracks, ensuring maximum royalty payments, which are then clearly reported back to clients.

We are on your side.

Our clients are...

Aqua Pura

"A fantastic company, they don't just limit themselves to collecting your royalties but they also investigate where and when your songs were performed. Kind and super professional people who solve your problems in record time. I will continue to collaborate with them for as long as I can. Totally recommended!"

Adrian Berenguer

(Composer, ANBR Music)

"Thanks to Jamie at Portamento Music, I've received international royalties for the usage of my music. I highly recommend using their excellent service."




"I didn't even know about such an opportunity for me and my music. But after I received my first payment, I thought only one thing: why didn't I do this earlier? 

I highly recommend Portamento Music, and I want to express my great gratitude, because thanks to them, the income from my music has increased many times over.  From now on, royalties are as important to me as my music."


(Composer, Audiojungle)



Portamento Music Ltd

Unit 10.3

Bayford Street Business Centre


E8 3SE

+44 (0)7940 596873

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